Worship Resources

 Daily readings

There have been some requests for daily readings. It is not possible at the moment to host a daily reading on our site, but the following link will take you to Bible Gateway. This is a non denominational charity, based in the USA, whose aim is to make the bible available. Their home page offers a daily verse, and the whole bible is available to search by verse or topic in a huge variety of languages and versions.

A UK based alternative is the Bible society daily readings, found here.

If anyone has recommendations of an alternative site, please let us know via the church e-mail.

 Just something I found -

While I was doing my homework preparing for the service and the reflection on Romans 7, I came across this short teaching video on the Law. This comes with no great personal endorsement, but I found the presentation interesting, and it seemed to sum up a topic which packed in lots of information in a concise way. It is part of a whole series of teaching videos, none of which I have explored yet, so cannot vouch for their reliability. As with anything on the internet, these videos give a 'take on' something, so test it against what the Holy Spirit within you thinks of the teaching.

If you find any of the clips useful, please feed back via the Facebook page. Similarly, any issues.