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Daily readings

There have been some requests for daily readings. It is not possible at the moment to host a daily reading on our site, but the following link will take you to Bible Gateway.  Their home page offers a daily verse, and the whole bible is available to search by verse or topic in a huge variety of languages and versions.

A UK based alternative is the Bible Society daily readings, found here.

Singing The Blessing

As covid-19 has disrupted normal daily life, worship was one of the areas to suffer. Some pioneers, though have used the fact that worshipers could not meet physically to explore the use of video collaborations. Unnoticed by me, a huge international head of steam has built up behind a project  to sing a blessing for the nation. This has been based around a song, ‘The Blessing’ written by Kari Jobe. 

The passage in Romans uses the picture of the people of God as one body, with many parts; sometimes in unison, sometimes in harmony, but the effect is more than the sum of the parts. These videos are a perfect illustration.

Several different versions of The Blessing are listed below (though Ireland don’t seem to have got the e-mail!). There are more available on the web if you are interested. There are enough for you to pick one a day as a reminder through the week of the picture of God’s people as one body, parts who are unique, but in unity.

A lyric/chords sheet is also listed for the Bathgate High Church Small Orchestra. I have high hopes!

Australia blessing  

British sign language blessing    

Canada blessing  

Celtic blessing (Gaelic)  

Dance blessing   

Hawaii blessing   

Irish blessing   

UK Blessing 

Zimbabwe blessing  

Lyrics and chords 

 What is mission?

As we look as a congregation at forming a shared vision for the churches in Bathgate, one of the fundamental questions we need to address is "What is mission?".

The old fashioned picture would have been Britiain sending out missionaries to less well developed countries. The more modern picture is that mission is worldwide, but starts at home, in our own communities. With the increase in the more extreme views of an increasingly secular society, the church needs to think about how we tackle mission in our home towns.

A starting point might be to look at some opinions on mission. The link below takes you to the results of a survey carried out a couple of years ago by the Mission Society on what the aspects of mission we need to consider might be -

Mission Survey

Zoom training

Some elders have had difficulties getting into Zoom meetings. For a short video to show you how you can use a Zoom Test Meeting to check the settings on your computer, click here.