Weekly Worship

Weekly worship will be suspended while Tier 4 restrictions are in place due to the reduced capacity of the building. We intend to provide an on-line service each Sunday which will be  available on the website and via a link from our Facebook page.

Live-streamed worship

If you are interested in exploring some other live streamed services, a list of churches providing this opportunity is available here.

Our sister church in Boghall is also currently streaming their morning worship on Facebook. This is available here.

If you are using one of these live streams, you may need to check the appropriate church website to find the starting time. 

For Facebook users, the Moderator of the Church of Scotland is giving a weekly address which is available here.


When we re-open for worship -

What might worship look like?

This reflects current Scottish Government advice at the time. It will be updated as advice changes and our procedures are evaluated.

According to the Scottish Government, congregating is bad – so straight away, this makes it difficult for a congregation!

Worshippers are asked not to congregate outside the building in groups before or after the service.

There may be queueing required to enter the church or on entering the church. Members of the Welcome Team will advise you. There will be 2m markers on the path between the church and the car park if you are asked to queue outside. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Worshippers are asked to enter by the main door, unless they need to use the ramp.

On entry there will be 2m markers in the vestibule to encourage queueing according to social distancing.

As you enter through the vestibule, you will be asked for contact details. These can either be recorded by the welcome team or you can deposit a slip with the information. Slips will be available from the first Sunday we are back. This is a ‘Track and trace’ requirement as set by the Scottish Government. Data will be held securely for 28 days and will not be accessed unless we are contacted by the Scottish Government Tack and Trace team.  Though we have no direct responsibility regarding tracking, please inform the church if you develop Covid-19 symptoms or record positive on a test.

The collection baskets will be available in the vestibule for envelopes, but you are encouraged to use on-line donations or standing orders if possible.

You will be asked to use hand sanitiser as you enter the building. This will be given as a dollop so that you do not need to handle the pump bottle, but you are encouraged to bring your own to minimise sharing bottles.

You are also required to wear a suitable face covering when attending worship. The welcome team will monitor this and ask if you require a mask should you not be wearing one. If you are exempt from wearing a mask, please just let them know. No further information is required.

In the sanctuary, we are only allowed to use the ground floor and we require to seat people according to social distancing. For this to happen, the gallery will be closed and some pews will be taped off. Seating positions will be clearly marked and can be occupied by individuals or members of the same household. The Welcome Team will direct you to a seat so that we minimise people having to pass each other. Please cooperate with the Welcome Team. They are simply safeguarding all who attend. You may not be in your ‘normal’ seat.

We are limited to an maximum attendance of 60

In the sanctuary, all shareable items such as hymn books, bibles and cushions have been removed. You are asked to talk quietly. The service will be led from the chancel, as usual, with the worship leader being distanced from the worshippers. Music will either be played live, with words on screen,  or recorded. The screens will be used for readings and other information. The choir will not be able to lead in worship, but as from June 2021 we will be able to return to congregational singing. Further advice will be needed before we are able to restart Sunday School. There will be no service leaflet. We are aware that sitting in a mask for long periods is very claustrophobic, so the service will be shorter than usual - normally 35-45 minutes.

Water will not be available, so you may wish to bring your own water bottle. Access outwith the sanctuary will be restricted, so toilets will only be available in emergencies. The Welcome Team and Elders will have protocols to follow is someone should become unwell during the service.

At the end of the service, the leader may move to the vestibule, but is still required to maintain social distancing and there will be no physical greeting such as handshakes. The leader will ask that worshippers leave the church row by row and maintaining social distancing. Again, you are asked not to congregate outside following the service.

While these differences will make a significant difference to worship, we still believe that we can make our worship a deeply meaningful experience. While we miss a ‘good natter’, socialising with friends and aspects of worship such as singing, our worship is from the heart and is more powerful when we worship as a community.