Weekly Worship

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 virus outbreak, the church buildings will be closed for the foreseeable future. This means that weekly worship will not be possible for the next few weeks.

In order to allow our members of our congregation to participate in worship, we are supplying some materials to help you in your personal devotions and to promote the feelings of fellowship at this difficult time.

Live-streamed worship

We do not yet have the facilities to live stream worship, but several congregations across Scotland do this each Sunday and are continuing throughout church closures.

If you are interested in exploring some live streamed services, a list of churches providing this opportunity is available here.

Our sister church in Boghall is currently streaming their morning worship on Facebook. This is available here.

If you are using one of these live streams, you may need to check the appropriate church website to find the starting time. 

For Facebook users, the Moderator of the Church of Scotland is giving a weekly address which is available here.

Materials to allow you to take part in an on-line service are now posted in the Weekly worship section of the High Church website, though these are fairly basic as we navigate copyright and privacy regulations. We seem to now have a regular on-line 'congregation' of around 30, with half of these using the materials at our normal worship time.

If anyone has suggestions for materials for future services, suggestions for praise items or is interested in reading or preparing materials, please get in touch via the church e-mail.