Boys' Brigade Company Section

Tuesday evenings at Company section are always full of activity, drill, badgework and sport, with football being the most popular.



Recently as part of Arts & Crafts, we explored innovative ways of taking and displaying digital photographs. After a few weeks of learning about the basic principals of photography using a digital SLR camera we were let "loose" in our church building, our aim was to capture obsure and innovative perspectives of our place of worship. After taking turns to snap more than 100 images using different lighting, speed, aperture and lens settings, we selected our favoutite images and by using picture editor on the laptop, we created strange effects and shapes as you can see from the collages produced.




We have also created a still motion "film" which needed almost 1000 pictures and in the past we have enjoyed making and test flying our own boomerangs!


Generally, there is a lot going on, why not come along and find out for yourself.....

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